Because your pipeline isn’t going to fill itself

Sales Development... Solved!

Wouldn't it be better to just show up to work each day with a calendar full of sales meetings with qualified interested prospects without having to hire, train and manage a team of reps to set all those meetings?

Your internal sales team should be spending as much time during the work day speaking with qualified interested prospects (high value), and as little time as possible dealing with the grinding, tedious, rejection heavy work of calling and emailing their way through endless lists.

But staffing, training and managing a team of sales development reps can be a nightmare.

Combine the grind of the work with the fact that the job role is entry level and you have a recipe for a high churn, management and training heavy nightmare.

At the end of the day all you really want is a reliable stream of well teed up meetings for your sales staff to close. With our Sales Development as a service model we deliver exactly what you want, minus the HR headaches.

Simply tell us about your ideal client,  walk us through your sales proposition and we can be filling  up your sales pipeline with qualified meetings more efficiently, more affordably than you doing it internally.

And if we can’t – we will refund your money.

Active Clients
Million in Pipeline Created
SDRs Avaliable
Meetings Created

nextsales is the best thing we have ever done, we just launched our outbound strategy hiring internal SDRS and outsourced SDRs from next sales. The nextsales reps, are 2-3x more productive and better at booking meetings than internal resources & also half the cost.

Luiz Cent, Head of Sales

Case Studies

Case Study

Tony Pietrocola, President

Return on Investment:


Solana Recruitment
Case Study

Ashley Dunaway, CEO

Return on Investment:


Case Studies


283    Meetings Scheduled

261     Qualified Meetings

33       Closed Deals

$167   Cost per Meeting

500% ROI

AgileBlue, one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity firms on the east coast, engaged nextsales with a simple challenge: help us build an outreach program targeting direct customers and resellers, worldwide.

We buckled down…and over the course of 18 months we’ve built lists, full outbound playbooks and reached the point where we are setting 50 meetings per month for their sales team.

Almost all auto-pilot for them… just a weekly check-in with their nextsales account manager to see results.

Tony Pietrocola

President, AgileBlue

I have been working with nextsales for over 18 months and can openly say I have never worked with a more integrated and productive business development partner. I have managed sales teams for publicly traded companies and SMB’s with our own SDR teams or outsourced, and nextsales achieves better results. The nextsales team works hard, are driven by our goals and more importantly, they are part of our team. Nextsales is totally integrated with our organization.  


93       Meetings Scheduled

74       Qualified Meetings

13        Closed Deals

500k  Revenue Potential

110k    Generated Revenue

SOLANA is a recruiting and staffing agency specializing in the solar industry.  In December, 2019 SOLANA decided to give nextsales a shot in a highly competitive industry.  It was a good call. Since then, together we’ve built a predictable revenue stream that is driving a 400% ROI to SOLANA’s bottom line.  
We implemented a multi-channel approach with thousands of cold calls per week, along with email and LinkedIN campaigns.  The continuous, methodical outreach began generating a steady flow of qualified Sales meetings on the calendar and a strong conversion rate to won clients.
The growth from partnering with nextsales has enabled SOLANA to grow their team and scale their business. And there’s more to come with a consistent pipeline of new sales opportunities.

Ashley Dunaway

CEO, Solana Recruitment

We developed a great partnership with nextsales and their dedication to helping us build a new business development pipeline is evident in our company’s growth. The entire nextsales team has been professional and has shown a high level of work ethic and drive since day one. They are passionate about helping Solana Recruitment grow and are supportive in every step of our sales process.

Our Process

the Company

nextsales offers sales development as a service. Our goal is to offer our clients a simple straightforward way to fill their sales calendar with meetings with qualified, interested prospects without the HR pain of staffing up and managing a sales development team internally.

A deep dive into our process

How We Build Your Revenue Generating Machine


We will learn from you who your ideal prospects are. Once we have a general overview of the "who" we will go and design a "how".

At the same time, with your help we will begin the process of crafting the “offer”. This is the crucial element of the success of the campaign.

We need to very succinctly present who you are, why a prospect should care, and what main benefit they will obtain should they decide to engage your company.


The campaign prep includes in-depth research regarding the size of the addressable and contactable market, as well as building contact lists with which we can begin our prospecting.

We will create a sales development playbook that contains phone and voicemail scripts, email templates, and LinkedIn messages, along with the tech stack that we are using.


We’ll reach out to the prospects we generate with custom messaging and meaningful follow-ups across various platforms.

This is enough time to tweak the playbook as well as identify any unforeseen roadblocks, and give you an opportunity to see what it's like to work with us.

You will know very quickly if we can generate the type of appointments for your reps that are going to turn into business.

Multi-Channel Approach

We book sales meetings via 3 channels using some of the best sales tools out there. 

Our proven process, paired with technology and talent, is allowing us to deliver superior results at unmatched per meeting cost-efficiency.


Our reps are professionally trained in the “art of cold calling”. The main push is to always engage the prospect over the phone as in order to secure an appointment, a human-to-human conversation over the phone translates to a more solid lead.


Our cold email campaigns are designed to get replies. We are using a robust toolbox that ensures deliverability and our creative copywriting is set to cut through the ever growing noise and generate
high-quality meetings.


Rather than spamming random people on LinkedIn using automation, we are targeting the same prospects that we are calling or emailing. This way we make sure
every effort is made to start a conversation with the right people.

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

The Team

Mimi Daminovska

Director of Finance

Biljana Damevska

VP of Operations

Filip Popov

VP Partnerships

Marco Sokolovski

Customer Success Manager

Monika Kitanoska

Customer Success Manager

Elizabeta Stojcheva

Customer Success Manager

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Customer Success Manager

Falnderim Fejzullahu

Sales Operations Manager