Because your pipeline isn’t going to fill itself

Sales Development... Solved!

Imagine filling your calendar with qualified sales meetings without the high cost and headaches of hiring, training and managing a Sales Development department.

At nextsales, we make this dream a reality.  

Our unique model empowers your business with a full-scale Sales Development Department – all for less than the base salary of hiring one in-house Sales Development Representative.

How do we do it…? 

Sales Development is all we do.

We leverage economies of scale , specialized resources in each area of the process and continuous learning over a massive volume of activity to feed your Sales team with the quality meetings they need to grow revenue.  

What’s Next…?

Simply schedule a consultation with us to see if your business is a fit. We’ll learn about your business to quickly determine if nextsales can help you crush your sales goals.

Increase in top-of-funnel pipeline velocity
Cost savings versus in-house
Average Return on Investment (ROI)

Our Process

the Company


nextsales offers sales development as a service. We provide our clients a turnkey, full-scale Sales Development Department at a fraction of the cost of building, staffing and managing this critical function on their own.

A deep dive into our process

How We Build Your Revenue Generating Machine


We will learn from you who your ideal prospects are. Once we have a general overview of the "who" we will go and design a "how".

At the same time, with your help we will begin the process of crafting the “offer”. This is the crucial element of the success of the campaign.

We need to very succinctly present who you are, why a prospect should care, and what main benefit they will obtain should they decide to engage your company.


The campaign prep includes in-depth research regarding the size of the addressable and contactable market, as well as building contact lists with which we can begin our prospecting.

We will create a sales development playbook that contains phone and voicemail scripts, email templates, and LinkedIn messages, along with the tech stack that we are using.


While most companies struggle to achieve Rep motivation and consistent results over the phone, we excel in this area.

We’ll reach out to the prospects we generate with custom messaging and meaningful follow-ups across various platforms.

We’ll analyze campaigns and refine the playbook to massage the outreach for optimal results.

Multi-Channel Approach

We book sales meetings via multiple channels, including Phone, Email and LinkedIn. These three channels work synergistically to maximize the potential of every lead.

Our proven process, paired with best-in-class technology and talent, generates superior results at unmatched cost-efficiency.


Our reps are professionally trained in the “art of cold calling”.

Sales enabled technology is part of any successful toolbox, but human-to-human phone engagement continues to be the ‘powertool’ that separates high performing sales teams from the competition.


We are experts in building and managing email campaigns that generate demand.

Our expert copywriting team creates content that cuts through the inbox noise, and we invest in robust technology and lead cleansing that ensures deliverability.


We strategically engage your ideal customers versus the all too common automated ‘spray and pray’ approach. 

Combining this channel with Phone and Email creates a powerful formula for maximizing high quality Sales meetings.

Client Examples

Client Testimonials

Our People


Bryce Kaspar

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Jacoby

Chief Innovation Officer

Darko Davkovski

Chief Operations Officer

Mimi Daminovska

Director of Finance

Biljana Damevska

VP of Operations

Filip Popov

VP of Partnerships


Loreta Slabeva

Director of Training - Sales Development

Falnderim Fejzullahu

Sales Operations - Team Lead

Marco Sokolovski

Customer Success Manager

Lorena Rodriguez

Customer Success Manager

Aleksandar Lepidovski

Sales Operations Manager

Marko Toshevski

Sales Operations Manager

Marko Tasevski

Sales Operations Associate